Did you know that war profiteering by Lockheed Martin has personally cost you around $11,000?

by Lee Molloy

  •   Thursday, March 13, 2014
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So far, the F35 warplane has cost around $1,500,000,000,000 to develop - that’s $11,000 per taxpayer (or the equivalent of China and Russia’s combined military budget for six years.) Lockheed Martin is screwing the American taxpayer with their pants on to the tune of $36,000,000,000 per year for a plane that is “useless in combat, and dangerous to the pilot.”

And, rather than pulling the plug on this utterly defective and useless weapon, Congress keeps throwing good money after bad – our money, our future. Military spending always gives the worst bang for the buck to taxpayers in terms of the economy and job creation, yet Congress keeps spending our dollars like there is no tomorrow. So, why won’t the Tea Party stand up and say something? Why won’t the Republicans? Why won’t the Democrats?

Could it be the tens of millions of dollars war contractors spend annually in campaign donations? Or, is it the fetishization of the military by the public and our government? Whatever the reason, the F35 is a disgraceful waste of money and is already an antiquated piece of hardware. Just like the 2,000 or so M-1 Abrams Tanks sitting in the Californian desert that the army didn’t want (but the make-work government bought anyway) the F35 serves no purpose. Manned air-to-air combat is a thing of the past, the future of air warfare is unmanned drones – “Top Gun” was so 30 years ago...

When will the American people wake up and force their representatives to stop wasting money on weapons we will never use in wars that will never happen?  

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