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  • Are you shocked that Biden will be skipping the first Democratic debate?

    As Hillary Clinton’s polling statistics continue to fall drastically amid low trustworthiness ratings and remarkably low favorability scores, the Democratic Party is on the lookout for a moderat ..

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  • How did Bernie Sanders become the first 2016 presidential candidate to receive 1,000,000 campaign donations?

    Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has been predicated upon his promise to reject the massive influence that Super PACs and 'big business' have on the political process. In doing s ..

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  • Are you surprised that Carson has surpassed Trump in social media support?

    While it does not appear that 'The Trump Show' is coming to an end anytime soon, the Donald's social media presence is certainly lagging. While Trump was formerly the most favored presiden ..

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  • Why is Jeb Bush the least liked GOP contender?

    Jeb Bush's presidential campaign has faced a myriad of bumps along the road to the White House. For one, his own last name serves as a severe detriment, as many Americans associate such a titular ..

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  • Speaker John A. Boehner Resigns from Congress

    On the morning of Sept. 25, 2015, House Speaker John A. Boehner resigned from his position in Congress. Mum was the word of his choice beforehand as the Speaker of the House of Representatives met wit ..

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  • Do you agree with Ben Carson that all Muslims embrace Sharia law?

    Ben Carson has faced a media frenzy over the past week following controversial comments he made regarding a Muslim individual's capacity to serve as President of the United States. Speakin ..

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