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  • Should the Federal Government Pay for Texas Border Troops?
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry said today he wants the federal government, rather than Texas, to pay for the 1,000 troops he has ordered to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border, at a price tag of roughly $12 million ..
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  • Does "God" Have a Place in Government Buildings?

    Washington state Pierce County Council has a tough vote coming up — one that could theoretically have implications of biblical proportions: Should "In God We Trust" appear above the ..

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  • Is This 'Cold War II?'

    President Obama has officially accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of breaking a 1987 treaty banning the launch of cruise missiles, according to a letter sent Monday.

    U.S. government ..

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  • Is Obama's Impeachment Even 'Vaguely Possible?'

    Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin isn't backing down from her mostly unsupported calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.

    Now even conservative radio host Michael Medv ..

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  • How "Serious" is the U.S. Immigration Problem?

    According to a new poll commissioned by The Economist and conducted by YouGov, the majority of Americans are troubled by immigration. But just how serious a problem is immigration in the US? Whe ..

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  • Will Same-Sex Marriage Soon be Legal in Every State?

    A Virginia federal appeals court panel on Monday ruled that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

    In a 2-1 vote, judges in Richmond's 4th Circuit Appeals Cour ..

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  • Could Africa's Ebola Crisis Spread to the U.S.?

    West Africa is experiencing the worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus on record, claiming more than 670 deaths and nearly 1,100 infections in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - and the spread of ..

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  • Did the U.S. Accidentally Arm More than 200,000 Afghan Militants?

    The Pentagon is unable to locate roughly half of the weapons and small arms it has sent to Afghanistan to arm U.S. trained soldiers - the fear is now that the guns, roughly 200 thousand of them, mi ..

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  • Is Russia to Blame for Shot-Down Passenger Flight?

    State Department officials and an anonymous senior intelligence official released satellite imagery to USAToday on Sunday, which they say indicate still more involvement by Russia in the country ..

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  • Do You Agree with Palin that 'The Washington Post' is "A Bunch of Wusses?"

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Sunday took aim at "The Washington Post" for what she says is a failure to cover President Barack Obama's "scandals" with the same chutzpah ..

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  • Can Cenk Uygur "Kick" Sean Hannity's Ass?

    Yesterday on the liberal political program "The Young Turks," host Cenk Uygur took issue with FoxNews' Sean Hannity's treatment of a Palestinian guest, and alleged if he ever got ..

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  • Is the 80-year-old Who Shot an Allegedly-Pregnant Intruder A Murderer?

    The 80-year-old Long Beach, Calif. homeowner who shot and killed an intruder who pleaded for her life and that of her unborn child says he was justified.

    But will the law agree?

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  • Is U.S. Military Action in Libya Next?

    The U.S. embassy in Libya was evacuated early today under the protection of American troops as the safety of civilians deteriorated rapidly amid a war between militias.

    Pentagon Press Sec ..

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  • Did Obama 'Open the Door' to His Own Impeachment? Top Aide Says 'Yes'

    From Sarah Palin to a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, "impeachment" has become a buzz-word among those discontented with President Barack Obama's performance.

    < ..

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  • Does Jon Stewart 'Pretend' to Be a Journalist?

    Jon Stewart is quick to lambast politicians on all sides of the political spectrum on his pseudo-news program "The Daily Show." It's obviously not a real news show, although it addresses real-life pol ..

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  • Did Israel Uncover Hamas Border Tunnels in Time?

    More than 60 access points leading to an elaborate network of 28 tunnels were discovered by Israel Defense Forces in recent days.

    The IDF says they were ferreted out and destroyed in time ..

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  • Why Wouldn't the State Dept. Answer Sen. Ted Cruz' Questions on Israel Flight Ban?

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said in a press release Wednesday that he would "hold all State Department nominees" until the Obama administration answered five questions about this week's F.A.A ..

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  • Did Arizona Botch Prisoner's Execution?

    Wednesday's two-hour long execution of death-row inmate Joseph Rudolph Wood drew ire from activists around the Nation who accused the Arizona Department of Corrections of 'botching' the ..

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  • Why Did Catholic Charity Work Send Ann Coulter into a Twizzy?

    In a several-messages tirade on Twitter yesterday, conservative political commentator Ann Coulter went off on Catholic church officials for officially denouncing the deportation of Central-American ch ..

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  • Georgia Pastor Jody Hice is Heavily Favored for a Seat in Congress - But is he Sane?

    Due to the the voter make-up in Georgia's upcoming 10th Congressional district race, Pastor Jody Hice is set to replace Congressman Paul Broun: on Tuesday, Hice secured the Republican nominatio ..

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  • Shouldn't the President Know More Than Reporters?

    Speaking at a Seattle fundraiser Tuesday, President Barack Obama revealed he didn't watch the news very often: he "usually" already knows about what the media is reporting.


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  • Is Liberal Google Persecuting Conservative Author Dinesh D'Souza?

    California State Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has pledged his support of filmmaker and "America" author Dinesh D'Souza in his call for legislative action against Google.

    D'Souz ..

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  • Is the U.K. Arming Russian Rebels?

    Despite a months-old British halt on sales of arms to Russia for fear the weapons could be used against the Ukraine, lawmakers revealed Wednesday that 251 export licenses for the sale of military e ..

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  • Can John Kerry Save the Gaza?

    Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday on a surprise visit to broker a round of cease-fire talks between Israel and Palestine — early reports by the representative say th ..

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  • Will the U.S. Stay Out of a War in Russia?

    U.S. officials have been outspoken about their involvement in United Nations demands for access to the Malaysia Airlines crash site for purposes of investigation.

    According to Ukrainian o ..

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  • Is It Too Soon for the American Special Forces to Pull Out of Afghanistan?

    In a New York Times article published yesterday, corespondent Azam Ahmed reports the American Special Forces — the 12-man teams who are strategically embedded in the most dangerous insurgent ..

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  • Is Obamacare Dead?

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on Tuesday dealt a major blow to Obamacare in a 2-1 ruling which removed the Internal Revenue Service's ability to give subsidies to Americans in ..

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  • Can the U.N. do Anything About Chaos at the Malaysian Airlines Crash Site?

    The rubble of downed Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 has reportedly erupted into chaos in the days following the crash, with the Russian-backed separatists, the same allegedly responsible for shooting ..

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  • In Response to Warfare, Would the U.S. "Do What a Man's Gotta Do" as Netanyahu Claims?

    In an interview with NBC News' Brian Williams Monday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that if the shoe were on the other foot, and the United States experienced shelling from ..

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  • Do You Agree With Palin That the Country is Under 'Invasion?'

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during a speech on Saturday pondered why law enforcement officials don't relocate "illegals to those swanky 'hoods of D.C. or Manhattan or San Francisco. ..

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  • Should Texas Gov. Rick Perry send 1,000 Troops to the Border?

    Gov. Rick Perry said Monday he will deploy as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border because of inaction by the Federal government.

    According to the outspoken gove ..

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  • Do You Agree That Obama Golfs as "Bodies Rain From the Sky?"

    After the president's statement on ill-fated flight MH17, Fox News morning host Ainsley Earhardt accused the commander in chief of dropping he ball on the tragedy saying "This is ridiculou ..

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  • Are Police or Emergency Workers to Blame for NY Chokehold Death?

    Four of the New York City emergency response workers who responded to the scene when a man later died after being put into a chokehold by police have been put on 'modified duty' and ..

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  • Did John Kerry's Fox News Interview Get Out of Hand?

    During his appearance on "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace grilled Secretary of State John Kerry over the recent Israeli air strike, tougher sanctions on Russia, Iran's nuclear program ..

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  • Is the Israeli Soldier Captured by Hamas a Cover-Up?

    Sunday, Hamas-affiliated group al-Qassam Brigades reported they had captured Israeli soldier Shaul Aron, and accused waring Israel of trying to "hide their losses" because did "did n ..

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  • Do you agree that when rich white men like Bill Maher are scared of the cops it’s time to make a change?

    During Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, comedian and political commentator Maher gave a brilliant analysis of one of the most worrying developments in recent history – the absolu ..

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